Kami Sori

High-carbon Clad Steel Butcher Knife

$80 $125

Add weight and power to every action in the kitchen. This meat cleaver has a razor-sharp blade that can hack through virtually anything. The ergonomic handle is well-balanced for easy wrist control. With a 10cm height, you can easily slice through the thickest cuts of meat and large, hard-shelled vegetables.

A fully integrated steel tang runs through the dark wood handle with traditional rivets that reinforce the cleaver’s strength. These kitchen knives are hand-forged with exceptional hammering force. Horizontal stripes of grinding detail add to the knife’s rugged appeal.

Japanese high carbon steel is artfully heat-treated, grinded, and forged by hand with traditional techniques. As a result, this ultra-tough Serbian butcher’s knife is built to withstand wear and maintain its razor-sharp edge for several months. 


High Carbon Blade

Hand Forged and Hardened

Tough, Durable and built for any situation



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